"The Ruhr" 2.0: Artists and entrepreneurs get free rooms, studios, technology, stages and much more. And in the middle of this 4000 m2 artists' village tourists and locals (even businesspeople!) gather to meet, discover, eat, hold seminars, coworking or meetings. You can celebrate birthdays, corporate events and even spend the night. The Unperfecthouse is one of the largest meeting places for a colorful crowd of creative locals and foreigners in "The Ruhr". Recipient of the 2007 German Culture Prize and other awards and distinctions.

The Unperfecthouse is a great sightseeing-location! You get right into one of the creative centers of "The Ruhr". Almost everybody speaks (unperfect ;-)) English, all the exhibits and the music can be enjoyed independently of your language, and the huge buffets make it easy for everybody because you don't have to translate a menu or get into lengthy conversations with a waiter. Enjoy the world of artists and entrepreneurs in this huge "village" right in the center of "The Ruhr".

We are right at the Limbecker Platz in Essen where a new kind of city is developing. Everything at one place: Traditional city, worldclass shopping-mall, Speakers' Corner and the unique "Unperfekthaus" artists' village. You can even get a "Volle Freiheit" (= "Perfect Freedom") ticket which includes unlimited buffets and drinks and access to the whole Unperfekthaus for a whole day.

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Open daily from 10:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m.


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