Gaming Industries Association and Serious Games Network

  • Gaming Industries Association and Serious Games Network
    SpieleGilde Gaming Industries Association and Serious Games Network
  • SpieleGilde ("Game Guild") is a German based network platform, a representative of interests, and a service- and content provider, which brings together small and medium-sized businesses, inventors and research facilities involved in the games industry.

    Our game developers and member companies have expertise both in modern games technologies (mobile/Internet) and the classic games (card and board games). In this capacity, a special research and development field encompasses serious games, that is to say, games that do not primarily serve the purpose of entertainment, but rather, for example, that of education and continuing education in the fields of medicine, the defense sector, advertisement and political communication.

    Trust the expert! The organization SpielGilde was founded in 1993. Our authors and our enterprises have been publishing successful games for almost 20 years. While doing so, whenever there was a technological advancement, we were there in the forefront - without ever neglecting the basics. As an example, current successful games on Smart Phones are based on the time-proven mechanisms of board and card games. Playing motivation, client orientation and user friendliness are not merely just a matter of feeling, but rather is a deciding factor of the service we offer. Therefore, a close relationship with science is a matter of course for us. The interdisciplinary sciences of psychology, media design, computer science or marketing, as well as many others, become an integral part of our game development. This is not the only reason that we are a sought after partner for research projects of universities and colleges both nationally and throughout Europe; it is also our know-how that takes us to conferences or seminars as lecturers, as well as right up to our own “Congress” which provides us with government and federal funding.

    We are the branch organization for the games industry under the international umbrella organization leadventures (www.leadventures.org) and as such, we have access to a substantial commercial and political network.

    Goals and duties of the association

    The association is developing and utilizing new fields for the professionals in the areas regarding economy, politics or culture (Serious Games). Business members can design, produce, sell, and distribute on behalf or in commission of the SpieleGilde.

    Representation of businesses and research in the game industry through joint ventures, resources, an effective exchange of information, and the collaboration of participants helps to create a lobby for the industry, as well as promote creative and innovative businesses.

    New game ideas and innovation support a creative and independent game developer scene, and along with the utilization of new media and technologies, and sales and marketing guidelines many improvements have been made and continue to be made. The game guild supports interesting drafts and ideas through marketing measures, support with setting up business, partner settlement and consultation.

    Research projects and game research jointly universities and non-university research institutions, the SpieleGilde SME-research works and does research with Serious Games and is the forerunner in the area Silver Gaming and Senior Assisted Living (nursing homes).

    The SpieleGilde promotes all areas concerning the subject of Serious Games. At the same time the association supports business and projects through marketing and public relations events; for example events, displays, networking, or internet applications.