As a member you will become part of our network and can share your experience and create a common business:

Essen WarmUp Day
SpieleGilde will advertise your preorders and kickstarter projects through our media channels.

Creation and Design of Card/Board and Online/Mobile games.
Both in the game arena and in the marketing-/advertising sector, our experienced members in the SpieleGilde create and develop games for customers and transfer subjects (e.g. advertizement, know-how, books, film etc.) into a target-group compatible game system.

Production Partnership.
The businesses in the SpieleGilde can help with one or more parts of the development or they can assist with the complete process of game development; design and manufacturing up to marketing and sales, to the end user, or simply as a consultant.

Marketing and Public Relations for Serious Games
The game guild promotes all areas concerning the subject of Serious Games. At the same time the association supports business and projects through marketing and public relations events; for example events, displays, networking, or internet applications.

Research Projects
Games are a genuine cross-spectral theme and within the framework of interdisciplinary collaborations you can achieve different effects and benefits . Games act as mediator, motivator, and communication medium or can break down psychological, social, social or intercultural barriers. They can clarify complex facts with voluntary learning in an entertaining way. No other medium can be communicative and cooperative and at the same time be competitive. The SpieleGilde and its members takes part in national and international research and advancement programs and is available as a networking/sales partner for projects which are appropriately fitting.

Please note: Only professionals (companies, organisations, scientists, freelancer etc.) within the gaming or related sectors can become member of the SpieleGilde.

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SpieleGilde ("Game Guild") is a German based network platform, a representative of interests, and a service- and content provider, which brings together small and medium-sized businesses, inventors and research facilities involved in the games industry.

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