About the event

  • Essen WarmUpDay in action
  • Following the big success of two Warmup-Days the next get-together in the games’ scene at the Unperfekthaus will be held on October 15, 2014, the eve of the games trade fair.

    Classic board games continue to be very popular. With around 1000 new releases at „Spiel“, the world’s biggest board games trade fair, even experts have a hard time keeping up. Around 150,000 visitors add to the fun. Many of the stands are completely mobbed. New releases from the smaller games companies are often completely sold out on the first day since they’re ordered in advance through the Internet. Even if you finally manage to get one of the coveted places at a stand or games table, other fans will be lining up – there won’t be time for more than one or two game rounds.

    The fair is an international mecca for games fans all over the world. Many of them come from as far away as the USA or Australia. They’re allpartof one big community. It’s great to get new games for a collection, especially from Germany. Playing games together is what connects all the fair’s visitors.

    This is why the Spielegilde Association, together with its partners the KIT Initiative of Germany and the German Games Archive in Nuremberg and the Game Designers Association (Spiele-Autoren-Zunft SAZ), are hosts for international visitors to the games fair. Guests are invited to a get-together which has enough space for making contacts and playing games. Exhibiting companies and game designers are invited too so visitors can get to see them and maybe play a few rounds of their latest game with them.

    Just so you know – you can’t buy anything at the warm-up day. You have to do that at the games fair.

    Attention: Limited space for 300 registrations only. Make sure you can attend by registering now!

    History of the WarmUp Day

    When we was approached by Hans-Georg Torkel of the KIT-Initiative at the International Inventors fair in Nuremberg to become a partner of his initative we could not imagine what eveolved from that today. We at SpieleGilde are keen to not just talk but gettin' straight into projects. Therefore spending the evening in a pub after the fair we developed the "silly idea" of a Warmup Day before the Essen show. We wondered about why nobody offered such kind of event at a "professional" level yet. So we did a quick post in the BGG Essen forum right away if something like that sounds feasible to you. Within a few minutes we got a tremendous positive feedback and we decided to jump into the adventure.

    We met Hans-Georg Torkel on the fair next day again and asked him if he would like to join in and help to find a venue, because he is locale in this area, while we are native to the toy and games capital city of Nuremberg. A few minutes later we were offered the Unperfekthaus - which was perfect for us. Roland visited the Unperfekthaus in Summer 2012 and discussed the details with the team there. To be honest: Until October 2012 we were not sure if we would really do it. By September we had maybe twenty registration only and this was far less we promised the Unperfekthaus. But in October news about the Warmup Day starts spreading within the community and we finished ticket reservations with 82 registrations.

    About 100 people visited the first Warmup Day then. Ten game designers (among others Susan Ross, designer of the Game of the Year 2011), six publishers and gamers from eleven countries in the world made the Unperfekthaus a very fun place to go. We are very grateful to all of you, the partners and sponsors making the event possible and looking forward for the next Warmup Day 2013!

    2013 we launched the "2nd edition" of the WarmUp Day with over 200 visitors, 11 publishers and about 20 Game Designers.

    Register now!

    We offer a great location, lots of gamers and quite a bunch of publishers showing their Essen products first time. Join us at the Unperfekthaus.

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